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Brothers Keith and Kevin Gadapee have owned and operated their family business, Gadapee Family Sugarhouse LLC, since 1991. The sugarhouse is tucked away on a back country road in Danville, Vermont, a place the Gadapee’s have called home for generations. 


We are part of the Northeast Kingdom and making maple syrup and maple products is a way of life for us. What began as a hobby, tapping just a few hundred maple trees in our backyard, soon turned into a passion for us. We now use modern technology including pipeline and vacuum systems to collect sap from 8000 trees.


Vermont holds name recognition and quality reputation for its most famous agricultural product. It’s also the top producer of pure maple syrup in the country by quantity. Here at Gadapee Family Sugarhouse, we are proud to uphold this high reputation as we strive to produce the best tasting maple syrup and maple products for consumers.  


You can find us at local festivals such as Danville's Autumn On The Green or St. Johnsbury's Maplefest and you can stop by our maple shop on Crystal Ave. in Danville.  You can call us, email us or directly order from our website. We hope to offer our great tasting maple products for generations to come and are committed to fair prices for all of our customers.


We love Vermont’s reputation for its superior maple products and we are proud to contribute to this tradition. Utilizing strong family commitment to our community and customers we are dedicated to producing the highest quality maple syrup found anywhere in the world. We take pride in managing our 250 acres of maple trees so that they are healthy and will continue to produce syrup for generations to come.

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