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The Gadapee Family Sugarhouse uses a combination of modern and conventional techniques to ensure our products have the traditional maple flavor that Vermont has built its reputation on. Tubing in the woods transports sap under vacuum from the mountainside to tanks accessible by truck. The sap is then condensed using reverse osmosis. This process removes over half of the water and reduces the amount of fuel needed, keeping our product affordable. The condensed sap is then boiled over a wood fire which caramelizes the sugars to reveal the true maple flavor Vermont is so proud of. The syrup is drawn from the wood fired pans, filtered and packed hot into stainless steel barrels or retail containers, sealing in its natural flavors. The wood fuel is harvested by working Vermonters from nearby communities keeping our commerce local.

Our award winning maple products have just one single ingredient, our very own maple syrup. Products are made in small batches which eliminates the need for preservatives and keeps our maple sugar, candy and cream always fresh for our customers.  



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