Price:  $18.00 Per 1 lb. Bag (approximately 44 leaves)

            $9.00 Per 1/2 lb. Bag (approximately 22 pieces)


Enjoy our creamy, melt in your mouth, Pure Vermont Maple Leaf Candy in our new 1/2 lb. and 1 lb. bags. As always, we use just one single ingredient - our very own maple syrup. The candy making process involves boiling the lighter grades of our maple syrup which removes more water through evaporation. It is then cooled slightly, stirred and poured into molds while still hot. Years of experience consistently rewards us with our creamy smooth texture and mouthwatering sweetness.


*Please Note - We do not coat our candy with sugars or glazes to preserve it. It's best fresh and easily lasts 3-4 weeks before it begins to dry and crystallize. Stores best at room temperature. Please allow 7-10 days for completion as we make a fresh batch for each order.

1/2 lb. & 1 lb. Maple Candy Bag